Nopal capsules

We achieve dehydration of the leaves, the product that we encapsulate and recommend as an aid in the treatment and control of weight. Bottle with 30 capsules.

Nopal Fiber

This fiber is able to remove all the residues stuck to the intestines, achieving good functioning and contributing to the elimination of slow transit, colitis or constipation, ulcers and gastritis. Bag 250g.


  • Natural
  • Nopal jamaica
  • Nopal saved

Nopal Tea

It is an envelope that you just have to put in hot water and the effects of cactus in conjunction with the jinsen and lime manage to keep the body relaxed and calm. Box with 25 envelopes.


  • Natural
  • Nopal chamomile
  • Nopal jinsen with lime

Tortillas of Nopal

I am using cactus root in the form of powder that is added to wheat or corn flour dough, achieving an innovative product. 300g package

Made of

  • Corn
  • Flour